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Recycling in the Classroom

Stalwart Educational Consulting & Training

Consultation Services

Our team of dedicated education consultants are available to consult with your team on a wide range of subjects including special education compliance, best practices in assessment, best practices in service delivery, program evaluations, and team building. We are also available to help you create and distribute CDE mandated trainings when your district finds itself out of compliance. 


Professional Development 

Stalwart Educational Consulting and Training is a subdivision of BEAM, LLC. Our team of licensed and credentialed professionals have been providing cutting edge trainings across the state of California, as well as on a national level for the last several years. In addition to a wide range of topics offered throughout the year, our team is also available for in-person trainings for your district staff. Some of the topics we have covered previously include:


  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention

  • School Threat Assessment

  • PREPaRE Training Curriculum

  • School Refusal

  • Reading Interventions for Classroom Teachers

  • Reading Interventions for Parents

  • Best Practice in Psycho-Educational Assessment

  • Best Practices in Pre-School Assessment

  • Best Practices in Functional Behavior Assessment 

  • The Mental Health Toolkit for Teachers

  • Creating and Implementing Social Stories in the Classroom

  • Addressing Classroom Behavior

  • Trauma Informed Practices in the School Setting

  • Creating Appropriate and Useful Social Emotional Goals

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