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Human Resources 

The HR department at BEAM plays a vital role in managing the human resources aspects such as overseeing various functions, including recruitment, onboarding, training, performance evaluations, benefits administration, and employee relations. With a focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining top-tier talent, our HR team ensures that our company maintains a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

Melanie Sanders, B.S.

HR Generalist

Melanie is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of California, Irvine. With a deep-seated passion for enriching the lives of individuals, she has dedicated over a decade to her role as a respite worker, offering unwavering care and guidance to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Her relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and operational efficiency has seamlessly transitioned her into the realm of Human Resources. Melanie possesses a remarkable talent for cultivating environments that foster inclusivity and drive unparalleled employee engagement. Her track record showcases her exceptional ability to nurture collaborative cultures and drive transformative change, resulting in peak workforce performance.


Melanie firmly believes that employees are the heartbeat of any organization, and her unwavering commitment lies in cultivating a work culture where individuals not only succeed but thrive. Her profound insights underline the significance of a supportive and empowering workplace, positioning her as a driving force behind the creation of dynamic, thriving, and forward-moving organizations.

Cynthia Lam

HR Coordinator

Cynthia has years of experience working for different enterprises like food & beverage, healthcare, and hotels. Cynthia specializes in developing creative solutions despite the challenges that HR can bring into workplaces. She enjoys being part of a team and strengthening relationships between management and employees. Cynthia has always enjoyed great relationships with people and in her free time enjoys people watching at Disneyland. 

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Jacqueline Garber


Jacqueline graduated from California State University, San Bernardino, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work. Before joining the team at Behavioral Emotional and Academic Mentoring (BEAM), she spent over 20 years in the field of Social Work, striving to enhance human well-being by helping families and individuals meet their basic human needs with particular attention to children’s health, safety, disability, and academic concerns.

Jacqueline believes that everyone has their special uniqueness and can thrive when professionals, community partners, and families work together to help remove obstacles and challenges that hinder or limit an individual's ability to soar in society.

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