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"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn." 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster inclusive and accessible educational environments by collaborating with school districts, state agencies, families, and community partners across California. We are committed to addressing the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and providing comprehensive assessment and service support to ensure their holistic development and well-being. 


At BEAM, LLC, we are driven by a passion for inclusivity, collaboration, and excellence in education. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities, their families, and the communities we serve. Together, we can build a more inclusive society that recognizes and supports the unique needs and abilities of every individual.


Critical Assessment 
Response Team

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Independent Educational Evaluation

Teacher and Student

Stalwart Educational Consulting & Training

Our team also consists of licensed and credentialed psychologists, speech/language pathologists, education specialists, reading specialists, occupational therapists, registered school nurses, and adapted physical education specialists.

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