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BEAM, LLC is a multi-faceted organization engaged in collaborative relationships with school districts, state agencies, families, and community partners across the Southern California region.
BEAM, LLC collaborates with school districts to address the overflow and backlog of special education assessments in the course of natural accumulation of assessments throughout any given school year, or due to unforeseen events such as the recent school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. BEAM, LLC provides districts with critical assessment support in the areas of psycho-education, speech-language, occupational therapy, adapted physical education, functional behavior assessment, special circumstance instructional assistance assessment, and educationally related mental health services assessments.

BEAM, LLC also collaborates with state agencies and local community partners to ensure that children and adults with disabilities are provided with the most cutting edge and comprehensive assessment and services. In addition to providing direct assessment and service support to the community, the BEAM Team also provides professional development across a constellation of varied topics including suicide risk assessment, PREPaRE curriculum, school threat assessment response and intervention, best practices in psycho-educational assessment, and best practices in school-based mental health service delivery. 

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