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  • IEE | Beam

    Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) The BEAM team works collaboratively with school districts, families, attorneys, and advocates across the state to conduct comprehensive Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE).We aim to help IEP teams to make informed decisions about eligibility, placement, services, and goals. We take pride in completing non-biased assessments that provide comprehensive data so that IEP teams can write appropriate, and unique goals. We also ensure that our assessments are collaborative so that the IEP team can focus on the one singular purpose of the assessment, the student. Our IEE assessment team consists of psychologists, education specialists, credentialed reading specialists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, adapted physical education teachers, and board-certified behavior analysts. We offer assessments in the following areas: Psycho-Educational Specialized Reading Assessments Speech/Language Occupational Therapy Adapted Physical Education Physical Therapy Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS)/Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services (ERICS) Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) Special Circumstances Instructional Aide (SCIA) Assessments​ ​ Please contact us for the most up-to-date rates

  • LEP | Beam

    LICENSED EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST A Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) is a highly trained and credentialed professional who specializes in understanding and addressing the psychological and educational needs of individuals, particularly in an academic setting. They possess a deep understanding of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development, allowing them to assess and support students' learning experiences. LEPs collaborate with teachers, parents, and other professionals to develop tailored interventions that promote academic success and emotional well-being. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Summary: We seek a highly motivated and experienced Licensed Educational Psychologist. The ideal candidate will develop, implement, and oversee the program's daily operations. The LEP will work closely with clients, families, and other professionals to create and implement individualized treatment plans that promote positive behavior change and improve the overall quality of life. Position Type: Full-Time​​ ​ Locations: Downey, CA ​ Minimum Experience: Senior Manager/Supervisor ​ Supervisory Responsibilities: Act as the liaison between BEAM and community/district partners by collaborating with district behavioral teams to understand individual student behavior plans and communicate those plans to appropriate community/district partner staff and BEAM staff. Promote staff and community relationships that are in the best interest of the students, BEAM, and its community partners. Provide workshops/training on behavior, and related mental health topics. Respond to student mental health crisis events including students who have expressed suicidal ideation, or homicidal ideation and complete a threat assessment per BEAM policy. Ensure that proper action is taken for students in mental health crises including but not limited to notifying parents, county mental health teams such as the psychiatric mobile response team, ensuring that families transport their child to the nearest emergency room, or calling 911. Ensuring that proper documentation is completed for students experiencing mental health crises and making the proper follow-up notifications via email to the appropriate school teams. Conference with staff and community partners concerning problems of student adjustment. Assist programs in curriculum development, curriculum implementation, and instructional improvement for behavioral programming. Conduct functional behavior assessments (FBAs) and develop behavior intervention plans (BIPs) based on the results. Develop and implement individualized treatment plans that target specific behaviors and promote positive behavior change. Collect and analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and modify treatment plans as needed. Develop, plan, and provide professional development through modeling, coaching, and instruction. Conduct orientations and training for paraeducators to ensure their understanding of behavior intervention plans, ABA principles, and best practices. Participate in ongoing professional development to stay current with best practices in behavior analysis. Perform other duties as assigned by BEAM administration. Required Skills/Abilities: Master’s degree in behavior analysis, psychology, educational psychology, school psychology, counseling or a related field Experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, and/or other behavioral challenges BCBA certification desired but not required Must hold a professional License as a Licensed Educational Psychologist Experience with program development and implementation Commitment to ongoing professional development and staying current with best practices in behavior analysis and school based mental health Salary: $85,000 - $110,000 a year based on experience and qualifications. Benefits: Dental Insurance Health Insurance Retirement plan Vision Insurance Work from-home days Growth opportunities Company perks Supportive and collaborative work environment with a team of experienced professionals If you meet the above requirements, you are a highly motivated and skilled Licensed Educational Psychologist with supervisory experience and a passion for helping individuals improve their lives through behavior analysis and mental health. We encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

  • CART | Beam

    Critical Assessment Response Team (CART) BEAM, LLC addresses the overflow and backlog of special education assessments in the course of natural accumulation of assessments throughout a school year, or due to unforeseen events such as the recent school closures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also provide districts with critical assessment support in the areas of psycho-education, speech-language, occupational therapy, adapted physical education, functional behavioral assessment, and educationally related mental health services assessments. ​ Please contact us for the most up-to-date rates


    PARAEDUCATORS Paraeducators make sure that the student learns the curriculum, facilitate social interactions between students, manage small and large groups, and teach appropriate behavior and communication skills. JOB DESCRIPTION Position Type: Part-Time (Monday through Friday during school hours) Compensation Range: $20 - $25 Locations: Various locations - School Districts in near by area. ​ Responsibilities: Primary responsibility is direct support to students with special needs Participate in activities planned by the school district staff Assists in the preparation and development of instructional training activities and materials Assists school district staff with in-class activities based on specific instructions Assists school district staff in maintaining a neat and orderly classroom environment by keeping materials and equipment organized Assists the school district staff in maintaining a good learning atmosphere by using effective teaching and behavior management techniques Under direct supervision, staff may assist with assessing student needs Provides the school district staff with general impressions and observations of students they work with Works with students individually, in small groups, whole groups or learning centers planned by the school district staff and provides instruction to student May assist with classroom technology, adaptive devices, and equipment Assists with social skills Assists with toileting, diapering, dressing, and hygiene Keeps an organized and clutter-free restroom and/or changing area Administers emergency treatment when necessary May take children into the community May assist children to feed themselves May be assigned in more than one school location Assists with playground supervision Works cooperatively with students, school district staff, and administration while performing assigned duties and responsibilities Reinforces lessons/activities with small groups of learners Assists school staff in crisis intervention and discipline Participates in program planning meetings at the request of the school staff Performs other job-related work as required ​ Qualifications:​ ​ Ability to:​ Understand and anticipate the needs of children Operate classroom technology equipment Understand and follow oral and written instructions Establish and maintain effective working relationships with children and adults Maintain professionalism and confidentiality Show competence and assist with academic skills, e.g. reading and math Communicate orally with correct language usage ​Knowledge of: The general needs and behavior patterns of children Safe work practices Correct English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation Needs and concerns of children with a variety of special needs Perform general clerical duties at the request of supervisor ​ Skills: Read and understand instructions, follow and give clear directions Work independently and make decisions within the framework of established guidelines Adapt to individual needs of school staff and students and work with interruptions Identifying and responding quickly to emergency situations in a calm and resourceful manner Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work Experience: Recent experience in working with groups such as youth groups, child centers, or playgrounds and/or experience requiring organizational skills is desirable. Education: Proof of High School Diploma or equivalency; or proof of an A.A. degree, 48 college units; or pass the Paraeducator Exam ​Physical, Mental, and Environmental Demands: Physical: Sitting, walking level surface, reaching, bending, use of both legs Wrist/arm motion, grasping/holding, use of both hands Regularly lift 1-15 lbs. *occasionally lift 26-40 lbs Regularly carry/push 1-15 lbs *occasionally carry/push 26-40 lbs Color vision, near vision, use of both eyes Sense of smell Normal hearing, distinguish sounds in transmission Speaking Mental: Occasional stress of emergencies, normal work standards stress, ability to work with interruption, reading, interpreting policy, memorize and recall objects, people, analyze problems, and generate alternatives ​ Working Environment: Occasional exposure to the sun, occasional wetness, dust, occasional exposure to childhood diseases ​ Requirements/Conditions of Employment:​ Resume Complete a mandatory Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) Training (Provided) Complete mandatory training as designated by BEAM ​ Schedule: Mornings Monday to Friday No weekends ​ Ability to commute/relocate: School Districts in near by area Los Angeles County & Orange County: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required) Your assignment might vary from district to district and school to school ​ Experience: Behavioral Therapist/Interventionist: 1 year (Required)

  • HR | Beam

    Human Resources Department The HR department at BEAM plays a vital role in managing the human resources aspects such as overseeing various functions, including recruitment, onboarding, training, performance evaluations, benefits administration, and employee relations. With a focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining top-tier talent, our HR team ensures that our company maintains a supportive and inclusive work environment. Melanie Sanders, B.S. Executive Director of Operations Mail Melanie is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of California, Irvine. With a deep-seated passion for enriching the lives of individuals, she has dedicated over a decade to her role as a respite worker, offering unwavering care and guidance to children and adults with developmental disabilities. ​ Her relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and operational efficiency has seamlessly transitioned her into the realm of Human Resources. Melanie possesses a remarkable talent for cultivating environments that foster inclusivity and drive unparalleled employee engagement. Her track record showcases her exceptional ability to nurture collaborative cultures and drive transformative change, resulting in peak workforce performance. Melanie firmly believes that employees are the heartbeat of any organization, and her unwavering commitment lies in cultivating a work culture where individuals not only succeed but thrive. Her profound insights underline the significance of a supportive and empowering workplace, positioning her as a driving force behind the creation of dynamic, thriving, and forward-moving organizations. Cynthia Lam HR Generalist Mail Cynthia has years of experience working for different enterprises like food & beverage, healthcare, and hotels. Cynthia specializes in developing creative solutions despite the challenges that HR can bring into workplaces. She enjoys being part of a team and strengthening relationships between management and employees. Cynthia has always enjoyed great relationships with people and in her free time enjoys people watching at Disneyland.

  • Why should my child be evaluated? | Beam

    Why should my child be evaluated? For families, it can become very frustrating and disheartening to see their child struggle with learning in school. The purpose of a psycho-educational evaluation is to provide you with a holistic view of how your child thinks and learns. The information can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, learning gaps, and any disorders. In addition, the assessment also provides your child's school and outside agencies baseline data so they could provide the appropriate interventions and services that will benefit your child. ​ It can become very frustrating to see your child struggles with learning in school. A psycho-educational evaluation can help answer the following questions: ​ 1) What are my child's learning strengths and weaknesses? ​ 2) What are my child's cognitive functioning and how does it affect his/her academic achievement? ​ 3) What are my child's processing abilities and how do they affect his/her academic achievement? ​ 4) How does my child's social-emotional behavior affect his/her academic achievement? ​ 5) How does my child's attention modality affect his/her academic achievement? ​ 6) What are my child's current level of academic functioning? ​ 7) Does my child have a disorder such as: Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Anxiety, and Depression? ​ 8) What accommodations and interventions are necessary for my child to make adequate progress towards grade level standards? ​​ All in all, the purpose of a psycho-educational evaluation is to provide you with a holistic view of how your child thinks and learn. The information can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, learning gaps, and any disorders. In addition, the assessment also provides your child's school and outside agencies baseline data so they could provide the appropriate interventions and services for your child.

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