Paraeducators make sure that the student learns the curriculum, facilitate social interactions between students, manage small and large groups, and teach appropriate behavior and communication skills.


Position Type:
  • Full-Time
  • Los Angeles and Orange Counties
  • Primary responsibility is direct support to students with special needs

  • Participates in activities planned by the teacher

  • Assists in the preparation and development of instructional

  • Training activities and materials

  • Assists the teacher in-class activities based on specific instructions

  • Assists the teacher in maintaining a neat and orderly classroom environment by keeping materials and equipment organized

  • Assists the teacher in maintaining a good learning atmosphere by using effective teaching and behavior management techniques

  • Under direct supervision of the teacher may assist with assessing student needs

  • Provides the teacher their general impressions and observations of students they work with

  • Works with students individually, in small groups, whole group or learning centers planned by the teacher and provides instruction to students

  • Assists and maintains records of attendance, behaviors, performance and goals and objectives as directed by the teacher

  • May assist with classroom technology, adaptive devices and equipment

  • Assists with social skills

  • Assists with toileting, diapering, dressing, and hygiene

  • Keeps an organized and clutter free restroom and/or changing area

  • Administers emergency treatment when necessary

  • May take children into the community

  • May assist children to feed themselves

  • May be assigned in more than one special education/regular education (mainstreaming) classroom

  • Assists with playground and lunch supervision

  • Works cooperatively with students, classroom teachers, special education teachers, specialist, other special education staff, and administration while performing assigned duties and responsibilities

  • Perform bus aide responsibilities based on IEP requirements

  • Attends all in-service training

  • Reinforces lessons with small groups of learners

  • Assists teachers in crisis intervention and discipline

  • Participates in IEP and other program planning meetings at the request of the teacher

  • Performs other job-related work as required


Ability to:​

  • Understand and anticipate the needs of children

  • Operate classroom technology equipment

  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with children and adults

  • Maintain professionalism and confidentiality

  • Show competence and assist with academic skills, e.g. reading and math

  • Communicate orally with correct language usage

Knowledge of:

  • The general needs and behavior patterns of children

  • Safe work practices

  • Correct English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Needs and concerns of children with a variety of special needs

  • Perform general clerical duties at the request of supervisor


  • Read and understand instructions, follow and give clear directions

  • Work independently and make decisions within the framework of established guidelines

  • Adapt to individual needs of teachers and students and work with interruptions

  • Identifying and responding quickly to emergency situations in a calm and resourceful manner

  • Ability to learn computer skills to assist students in the use of computers in classroom

  • Be trained in the use of various equipment

  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work


  • Recent experience in working with groups such as youth groups, child centers, or playgrounds and/or experience requiring organizational skills is desirable


  • Proof of High School Diploma or equivalency and proof of an A.A. degree, 48 college units, or pass the Paraeducator Exam

Physical, Mental, and Environmental Demands:


  • Sitting, walking level surface, reaching, bending, use of both legs

  • Wrist/arm motion, grasping/holding, use of both hands

  • Regularly lift 1-15 lbs. *occasionally lift 26-40 lbs

  • Regularly carry/push 1-15 lbs *occasionally carry/push 26-40 lbs

  • Color vision, near vision, use of both eyes

  • Sense of smell

  • Normal hearing, distinguish sounds in transmission

  • Speaking


  • Occasional stress of emergencies, normal work standards stress, ability to work with interruption, reading, interpreting policy, memorize and recall objects, people, analyze problems and generate alternatives

Working Environment:

  • Occasional exposure to the sun, occasional wetness, dust, occasional exposure to childhood diseases

  • Resume 

  • Cover Letter

  • Complete a mandatory Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) Training (Provided)

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing

  • Medical/Dental/Vision benefits offered to Full-Time employees working 20 plus hours per week